Across the USA, clients use our rugged, raku orchid pots as 'cover pots'.

Hi, I'm Kate, a potter in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest
who makes ceramic "pottery homes" for orchids and their diverse owners.

Our versatile, unglazed orchid pots are good for transplanting and growing orchids.
Clients often use our pottery in floral competitions, in greenhouses, in their homes,
for professional orchid photography and staging interior room designs.

The waterfall orchid in the photo above and below
is a good example of using O-Pots for 'cover pots'.
This orchid in bloom isn't ready for re-potting.

It's growing in a plain plastic nursery pot that fits inside our raku O-Pot
-- a 'cover pot'.
We have a client in Reno who uses O-Pots to cover her orchids year round.
When they're done blooming, she buys new orchids.

Here, we put a little moss around the plastic pot with polished rocks for a natural look.
They photograph the same same as transplanted orchids in raku O-Pots.

When the plant is finished blooming it can be transplanted into the same pot.
Anyone can use O-Pots, we have these in stock or custom designs @

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