UNGLAZED ORCHID POT, spiritlinepottery.com

Healthy orchids are a blessing to any space, urban or urbane.
On a good day they can impart a quiet, artful beauty.
When we slow down and tune into our orchid's subtle frequency,
the exchange is calming.
I'm a potter in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest
who makes ceramic homes for orchids
and their eclectic owners.

URBAN BLESSINGS STAMP, spiritlinepottery.com

UNGLAZED ORCHID POTS, spiritlinepottery.com

I meet many growers through my orchid pottery business.
Some are world class cultivators, while most are well intended, like me.
Most of my customers are urban dwellers and so
I dedicated this series of rugged, natural style pots to them.
The pots wick water according to the level of gravel in the tray.
Not all orchids are the same,
your pottery should be a hydration 'system' that meets the individual plants needs.

CUSTOM MADE UNGLAZED ORCHID POT, spiritlinepottery.com

The symbol on the side of this orchid pot says: "Urban Blessings".
It's also my potter's 'chop', a time honored signature stamp.
It's my 'message in a bottle' I send to all who grow orchid in our pots.

I've recently started designing ceramic baskets for phals,
and other orchids with photosynthetic roots.
People all over the USA have left feedback and photos on my website.
A member of the Sacramento Orchid Society uses our pots for many of his plants.
His feedback is variety-specific.

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