Your orchid pottery is important.

It supports your plant's most basic needs 24/7. Shouldn't an orchid pot system hydrate efficiently, help keep water clean, and look amazing while doing it?

I'm Kate, a potter in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest who makes 'ceramic homes'
for orchids and their creative owners!

Customers and friends often ask about custom pottery ideas they have.
I always like to hear ways to improve orchid care!
I encourage everyone to measure the plant's pottery now,
and the space where it lives.
Then sketch the idea with dimensions noted,
and send me a photo of the idea!

I've been making plant pottery for narrow window spaces for years.
This recent commission is for a client in San Francisco
who wanted one of our signature raku O-Pot sets
for her kitchen window.
Her favorite orchid had outgrown it's pot,
and possibly the window ledge too.


The pot measures 5.5" tall at the top, 4.5" at the foot.
The stoneware hydration tray is 3.5 " deep, 7" long  x  5" wide.
This image shows the 'window' side of the set,
with a flattened shoulder and wide foot.


This image shows the opposite side's elongated, deeper hydration areas.
The pot has a built-in ring in the base for activated charcoal,
uwhile the hydration tray has room for aquarium gravel.
The owner loves it and left thoughtful feedback on my website.

We have a new online design form let's us know what you have in mind
We respond within 24-hours. It's free, and most important, it's fun.

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