2020 RAKU ORCHID POT SET, spiritlinepottery.com

I admire people who knew what they wanted to become early in life.
Finding my "passion" took awhile...
I'm Kate, a potter in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest
who makes 'ceramic homes' for bright orchids and their colorful owners.
I've met other artists and artisans who discovered their dream career
after the age of 40.

Apparently, my "passion" for having a home came first.
Working full-time kept me busy in the 90's.
I had a 'passion' for live music then.
When I wasn't bartending or waiting tables,
I was writing for Seattle rock magazines.
I loved going to concerts,
meeting the bands and doing interviews.
Mostly blues, jazz and 'world beat' or reggae.

Meanwhile, I had a curiously large assortment of ceramic mugs,
and three complete sets of dinnerware.
I collected handmade stoneware vases in thrift shops.
Now I see the 'passion' everybody talks about was there all along.

RAKU ORCHID POTS, 4" Tall and 5" Tall, spiritlinepottery.com

ORGANIC STYLE HYDRATION TRAY, spiritlinepottery.com

I tried 'hand-building' ceramics, and had always wanted to try a potters wheel.

None of this would've happened without Al, whose famous first words were:
"...OK...so take a pottery class...you might like it..."
He was right.
The photo below is one of our early unglazed raku O-Pots (orchid pots).
Feedback on the early Ming style pot was: "...pretty, but impractical."
The narrow opening made it difficult to transplant, and the roots were getting less air + light.

It's been 9-years and three potter's wheels since I began throwing
floppy little spoon rests and Ming style orchid pots.
The raku orchid pots were an early produc, and are still basically the same.
The 2020 series are still wheel-thrown.
They're more cylindrical than the early Ming style O-Pot shown below.

EARLY ORCHID POTTERY, UNGLAZED RAKU 2014, spiritlinepottery.com

Today's orchid pots are thicker, chunkier, and made with stronger (stoneware) clay.
The hydration tray sets have taken off this year.
We shipped this 5" O-Pot set (shown above and below) to an orchid enthusiast in Nevada.
Business has been good, and we have a national ad coming out in May,
on the American Orchid Society website.


Thankfully, we live in a community that's not densely populated
Al and I are doing well at home considering the global challenges happening this spring.
Our neighbors are respecting social distancing, unlike issues in Seattle on Alki beach.
We have plenty of space between houses, and a fenced yard.
 I now grocery shop @ 6AM
We at the studio hope everyone reading this post stays well, and finds happiness in quiet times.

We ship all over the USA by FedEx.

2020 RAKU ORCHID POT and HYDRATION TRAY SET,  spiritlinepottery.com

The "organic" style trays (shown above and below)
are selling faster than the traditional round trays in the same color.
There's no wrong or right when it comes to collecting pottery,
only that it makes you happy. We like both styles.

RAKU ORCHID POT and HYDRATION TRAY SET, spiritlinepottery.com

Personally, I like unique objects with unpredictable texture and curves.

I'm happy to see customers are ready for useful, new hydration trays.
They're narrow, and have been designed to fit in windows.


Many customers have nice old orchids thriving in nice old narrow kitchen windows...
I'm happy to custom design a tray set at no additional charge.
visit us online @ www.spiritlinepottery.com

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