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Unglazed orchid pottery, spiritlinepottery.com

Your orchid pottery is important.  It supports your plant's most basic needs 24/7. 

Shouldn't an orchid pot hydrate efficiently, help keep water clean,
NOT fall over...and look amazing doing it?
Our unglazed orchid pots begin with strong, porous stoneware.
Not thin, earthenware terracotta. 
They're fired using an ancient Japanese technique called: Raku

Raku Kiln 1850*F, Spirit Line Pottery Studio 2012

I'm Kate, a potter in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest
who makes ceramic homes for orchids and their colorful owners.

One size doesn't fit all. We get it.
Our orchid hydration tray system works with aquarium gravel and activated charcoal
to accommodate your orchid's unique H2o schedule.

Part Gravel = moisture to plant medium and pot 

More Gravel =  humid air

Zero Gravel = wet and dry cycles

The carbon-infused color is more than natural, rugged decoration. It helps fight fungus.
Remember to wash your trays as often as you fertilize to avoid fungus, root rot
and a build up of dehydrated fertilizer salt, or "salt burn".
Raku O-Pots have a built-in ring for added gravel or activated charcoal.

We ship to customers all over the USA from our artisan pottery studio in Seattle WA.
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