I'm often asked: "... what's the big deal with hydration, anyway?" 
I say: "...location, location, location."
I've done it, we all have fallen in love with our first orchid and killed it with kindness. Too much sun and water will do it everytime. I thought wrinkled, withered leaves meant it was thirsty, when it usually means too much water is the problem.
I think vapor vs direct watering matters-- alot. Most air plants take water vapor and nutrients like nitrogen from the surrounding air and will thrive in humid enviornments. Too much dense, liquid water surrounding the roots creates issues with waterborne fungus or 'rot'.

Hi, I'm Kate a potter living in the wilds of thePacific Northwest who makes ceramic homes for orchids and their owners. Visit our hydration solutions for orchids @ www.spiritlinepottery.com

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